About us

A product from Poland

SIATPOL was established in 1982 in Majdan Stary near Biłgoraj, Poland. Our core business lines include manufacturing of complete fencing systems, wire mesh products, wires, and concrete reinforcement components.

Thanks to the years of professional experience, a superior quality of products and services, and effective business strategies, we have secured long-term and recurring contracts with many business partners and customers in Poland and abroad. We do business with retail and wholesale buyers.

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Years of industrial experience, superior product quality, and professional services.

We are an industry leader on the south-eastern Polish market, and a valued partner of foreign businesses.

  • Our products and business have been recognized with many certificates, awards and distinctions in various industry competitions and rankings.
  • Our logistic infrastructure and shipping facilities guarantee on-time distribution and delivery of ordered goods.
  • We provide professional consulting services, attractive prices and a flexible approach to the needs of our customers.


Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe "SIATPOL" Kazimierz Szcząchor

23-414 Majdan Stary 44B

e-mail: biuro@siatpol.pl