Welded mats

Welded mats

Welded mats

Standard matting is produced from plain or grooved (deformed) wire. Wire diameter ø2,5 - 3,0 mm

Upon the purchasers request the mats can be manufactured from zinc-coated wire.

Available dimensions of the construction matting:

  • wire diameter ø2,5 - ø6,0 mm
  • mesh size from 50×50 mm to 300×300 mm
  • mat width 1000-2500 mm depending on needs and possibilities
  • mat klength to 6000 mm

Precision in every detail

Technical parameters:

Wire dia. Mesh size Width Length
ø2,5 - ø6,0 mm 50×50 mm – 300×300 mm 1000 mm - 2500 mm do 6000 mmm
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