PVC coated wire mesh fencing

PVC coated wire mesh fencing

PVC coated wire mesh fencing

We offer complete fencing systems made of PVC coated woven wire mesh. We also provide all parts and accessories necessary for building your fencing, i.e. posts, wire stays, tensioners, clamps and barb wire. We also manufacture gates and wickets on custom order.

The fences are made of wire mesh finished with a PVC coat that is available in a wide range of colour finish.
The fence posts are available in bare galvanised finish with or without anti-corrosive powder coating. The posts come with PVC top caps to protect the interior from water.


  • private premises;
  • sports facilities;
  • playgrounds;
  • parks and gardens;
  • manufacturing and warehousing facilities;
  • public buildings.

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Precision in every detail

Technical parameters

Height Mesh size Wire diameter
500 mm – 6000 mm 20×20 mm – 65×65 mm ø1,8 mm – ø4,5 mm

Installation method

The wire mesh is installed with a wire stay fed through the mounting holes in the fence posts. A proper tension of the wire mesh fence is achieved by adjusting the tensioning bolts.
The wire mesh fence can be topped with barb wire, if necessary.
We provide all required installation accessories and a wide range of gates and wickets designed to custom requirements.

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